A Safer Solution

Cost Savings

These boxes will save you time and money! This design allows for your birds to arrive in better condition and health due to the unique safety features of these boxes. 

Available In Different Sizes

These boxes are available in 25, 50, and 100 bird box sizes. Whether you are shipping Ducklings, Quail, Chicks or other birds, we have the right box for you.

Award Winning Design

This patent pending design, which was developed after extensive testing was the top junior platinum award winning project at the 2018 Canada Wide Science Fair and has been showcased at the Prime Ministers' Science Fair, and is a Youth Can Innovate award winning project.

Ordering Information

Thank you for your interest in Safer Chick-Ments™. Please contact us today for information on pricing. Boxes are available for 25, 50, or 100 birds. Prices are dependent on the number of boxes ordered. If you have any questions or would like to place an order please email mac@saferchickments.com or flll out the contact us form below.

Someone will return your email with 24 hours. 

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The Story of Safer Chick-Ments™

Safer Chick-Ments™

Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Mac Dykeman I am the founder and inventor of Safer Chick-Ments™. I am a poultry farmer and 4-H poultry member.

When I ordered chicks through mail delivery they would often arrive cold, in poor condition and in many cases with high mortality rates. Based on these experiences I set out to research and design a safer shipping container for day old birds.

My box features a circular insert, which prevents birds from getting trapped and crushed in the corners and a raised false floor which can accommodate heat or cooling packs. The false floor provides a flat (less uneven) surface which often arises when heat or cooling packs are placed under the bedding.

Through 4-H I competed in their preliminary round where I qualified to be a finalist and take my design to the 2018 Canada Wide Science Fair. My project was chosen as the platinum winner for top Jr. science project, won a gold medal, and several innovation awards. I invited to showcase my project at the Prime Ministers science fair, and have had my research published in the Canadian Science Fair Journal.

Agriculture is a passion for me, Safer Chick-Ments™ grew out of my commitment to making agriculture the best industry it can possibly be. Thank you for choosing Safer Chick-Ments™; to ensure your precious cargo has the safest trip possible.


Mac Dykeman

CWSF 2018 Safer Chick-Ments 
Mac Dykeman
Award winning shipping box.

CWSF 2018 Safer Chick-Ments Mac Dykeman Award winning shipping box.